Claim the Extraordinary

By Acharya Shambhu

BlogDonald Epstein said that “Unless you claim extraordinary, ordinary claims you.” Everyday we make a choice between what Swami Rudrananda called being buried by "the silt of life" and becoming bigger than every day life i.e. discovering our own magnificence. I do not know any other way to do that, but to do serious spiritual work. It requires dedication and effort to commit to freedom from ego and limited identity, so that the soot of ego and everyday living can be polished to reveal the inner light that is always shining in all circumstances, easy or difficult. Only by engaging life we can become free of our limitations. It is in the friction between our limited identity and life that we fulfill the very reason for our being - freedom. Let's live life with an intention for freedom - this is the difference between claiming the extraordinary and being claimed by the ordinary.