San Francisco Satellite Center

Starting date to be determined - please email Prakash or check back for an update. Free classes will be held on Saturdays at 7:30 pm at Purusha Yoga, 3729 Balboa Street, San Francisco. These classes will include guided meditation, shakti transmission, and discussion. Classes are free, but donations are welcome to offset operational costs. New students must attend an introductory meeting at 7pm prior to their first class – scheduled by appointment only. Please email for more information or to schedule your intro once classes begin.

Acharya Prakash (Chris VanWart)

VanWart.jpgI grew up with an unquenchable curiosity about the mechanics of life, always wanting to better understand the way things worked, and how they got that way. I fell in love with the natural sciences as a child and pursued this interest through college and into my career as an environmental scientist. But behind this longing to know the physical world has always been an equally curious philosophical mind, particularly interested in the human condition, our interconnectivity to the world around us, and a longing to more deeply experience that underlying truth I felt certain lay just below the surface. I’ve chased my passions to every corner of the world and have led a life that I can only describe as "well beyond generous" in its gifts.

Despite having created a “perfect” external existence, I found myself always reaching for more, and finally realized that the “more” I was seeking was only going to be found within. I started meditating in early 2012 and experienced a very powerful kundalini awakening that unraveled everything I thought I knew and revealed more than I dared to consider possible. The experience left me shaken to my core and searching for the support I needed to nourish what was taking root. Keeping in rhythm with the poetry of life, I discovered a beautiful and authentic guru in Swami Khecaranatha, who was located only a few short miles from where I was living. I’ve been committed to the practice ever since and am grateful every single day for the knowledge and energetic support that Nathaji makes available to his community.

I took my teaching vows in June of 2019 in an effort to serve and honor the lineage that has supported my development, and to provide others with an opportunity to discover the transformative joy that is available through this practice. I was initiated as an Acharya by Swami Khecaranatha, in a ceremony in Ganeshpuri, India, on January 11, 2020.