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Acharya Purnata

Purnata Michael small2After pursuing spirituality on my own for many years, I developed a yearning for a teacher to help me deepen my growth. My search quickly brought me to Swami Khecarantha and I realized I had found a practice that I could commit to for the rest of my life. I have been practicing with Heart of Consciousness since 2010 and was initiated into the teacher-training program in June of 2014. I was formally initiated as an acharya in the Rudrananda Pantha in January, 2017, participating in an all-day ceremony conducted in Ganeshpuri, India.

It is my intention to serve others by offering the teachings and energy of my lineage. The practices of Heart of Consciousness provide the means for addressing the daily challenges of life in the context of ever-maturing spiritual growth. My classes are free and open to anyone who has a desire to learn meditation.

When not teaching meditation, I am a school teacher and a bluegrass musician.