The Parā Devi Mandala

The Parā Devi Mandala is the primary mandala used in Trika Shaivism, considered to be the most advanced of the Tantric Shaivite practices. The formal name in Sanskrit is Triśūlābjamaṇḍala, and it represents the five powers of Śiva: Consciousness, bliss, will, knowledge, and action. The mandala depicts a trident, known as Śiva’s Throne, atop of which abide the goddesses Parā (Divine Will), Parāparā (Divine Knowledge), and Aparā (Divine Action). This sacred mandala is used in ritual, such as the Parā Devi Ceremony that we perform in our practice, and its worship includes both an internal and external focus. The participants in that ceremony receive a direct transmission of the divine powers of liberation: will, knowledge, and action.