Gong Ter

Rudi had a powerful connection to Tantric Buddhism. As a young boy, he was repeatedly visited by Tibetan lamas while he slept. These ancient masters placed tormas (wisdom treasures) into Rudi’s psychic system, telling him that the understanding within them would blossom, mature, and reveal itself in him. Later in his life, this connection to Tantric Buddhism was intensified when, through an incredible experience, Rudi received a powerful spiritual transmission directly from Padmasambhava, an eighth-century master of Buddhist Tantra considered to be the founder of that tradition. Out of that experience came a new way of transmitting energy—from Padmasambhava himself—through the use of Tantric instruments and eyes-open transmission. Rudi initiated several of his teachers to continue the tradition of this extraordinary class.

This class is only offered to those who are actively engaged with Swami Khecaranatha, by his invitation.